Yukika’s City Pop-influenced album Soul Lady is now out

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Yukika’s City Pop-influenced album Soul Lady is now out

Pop singer Yukika has unveiled her long-awaited album debut Soul Lady. Bucking the industry trend of releasing albums on a Friday, the album was released onto streaming platforms on Tuesday, 21st July.

Soul Lady is a deeper dive into the city pop influence that we last saw in her debut single ‘Neon’ last year.

The album’s title track, ‘Soul Lady’, deals with life abroad for the Japanese singer, who is now based in Seoul. Unlike most starry-eyed city pop ballads, the object of affection is the city itself, and Yukika expresses her love for neon lights amidst the anxiety of being far away from home.


In an interview with Kpopmap, YUKIKA talks about learning and adapting to speaking Korean.

“[I would] ask Korean friends to read out a word or a sentence to me and I would focus on the sound they make, how their mouth moves and to a further extent, how their facial muscles move when they talk and read!” she says. “Everyone has a different style when they talk and trying to study this was a great help for me.”

Soul Lady is the first full-length album released by YUKIKA since her last single ‘Cherries Jubiles’ which was released in July 2019, and her first full-length album since her official debut as a K-pop singer. It consists of 13 tracks and only available on compact disc. Let’s hope it does well enough to warrant a vinyl run.

MV for Yukkia's debut single, 'Neon', released February 2019

Check out the rest of the album below.