Why Analog Triumphs Digital Every Single Time

Why Analog Triumphs Digital Every Single Time

And how this start-up is making us fall in love with all things analog again.

This one’s for all the analog souls in our digital world.

Admittedly, digital music has provided us with convenience. But here’s why analog music will always have a place in our hearts.

1. There’s an element of discovery
Do you remember the last time you bought digital music?
Did your hair stand when you listened to the 30 second sample?
Did you feel a sense of delight when you clicked the “download” button?

Yeah… you get what we’re trying to say.

Here’s the thing – Nothing beats the feeling of crate-digging, discovering new records, and bagging them back home.

It’s intimate, personal, and exciting – an experience digital music cannot satisfy.

Cratedigging with @cosmosrecords

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Flying Vinyl, a monthly vinyl subscription service in the UK, takes their love for analog to another level. Every month, they curate the best indie talent, and send you five fully-packaged records.

What’s cool about the Flying Vinyl? You’ll never expect what’s in the box.

2. It’s not just music; it’s art.
The devil is in the details

Every record collector knows that the artwork is a huge part of the experience. From stunning art prints to lyric sheets with beautiful typography, it’s all part of the analog craft.

 And unwrapping is all part of the experience!

Besides the beautiful 7” vinyl records, here’s what else came in our Flying Vinyl box  fresh crisp posters and quirky music zines –  all wrapped in awesome packaging. 

3. It builds a community of music lovers.
The revolution will not be digital

There’s something about the physicality of records that draws people together.

A little close-up of the new packaging design, shexy.

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Even through the “digital revolution”, the vinyl community has kept the record market alive and kicking. In fact, vinyl sales generated more revenue than Spotify, Youtube, and Vevo combined.

And the Flying Vinyl is dedicated to this as well.
Beyond a subscription service, it connects people to new music. Their long-term goal? To create a club across different regions where everyone is a true music expert.

And we think that’s pretty awesome.

Find out more about Flying Vinyl here!