Five reasons to sign up for Wax & Stamp’s vinyl subscription service

UK-based vinyl subscription service, Wax & Stamp seeks to expand your musical taste-buds

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It’s curated by music nerds and vinyl lovers (the people!) for the people.

For the reasonable price of £28 a month, the subscription service will send One LP + One EP (or single) (one chosen by a curator at Wax & Stamp and one by a guest selector) to your doorstep be it anywhere* in the world. Every month, a Wax & Stamp curator and special guest selector will choose a record each, jot down their reasons for doing so and send them off to your homes. Guest selectors represent music lovers from all walks of life: snooker legend Steve Davis has picked prog rock, DJ Bill Brewster has curated a Todd Terje single, and comedian Josie Long has picked indie-pop gem Tuff Love’s Dregs EP.

It’s a truly alternative space for vinyl collectors. 

The people at Wax & Stamp really care about music, vinyl culture and the craft in general – they aim to not just curate, but educate. Their give fully-fledged reasons for each record pick and aim to give you a little bit more about why they’ve picked this music selection for you and seek to plainly tell you more about the music. On Issue #9 Josh writes about the “Peckham music scene” going from strength to strength, and that his pick and it’s scene reflect upon the diversity of the south London boroughs inhabitants, the artist’s application of samples, drum patterns and vocal use extend far beyond just two countries.

If you want to expand your musical palette, this is a fantastic opportunity in the vinyl sphere.

“The promise we will make is that nothing we send out will be of the mass-market variety. We’re aiming to build your collections, not provide you with double.” The genres are limitless: they expand from dream pop, to electronic, hip-hop and truly, they’ve got a very interesting and modern musical taste that leads heavily on the alternative. Unlike major vinyl subscriptions like Vinyl, Me Please or a Rough Trade subscription, you really get something left field here and a more eclectic sound. And so if you’re wanting something a little different, this might be the one you’re looking for.

If you’re the type that likes a mystery, this service might just be the one for you. 

The creators have spoke that they miss that “serendipity” of finding unbelievable records “you’ve never heard before” by chance to connect to emotionally. They want to provide that organic and natural option “of unexpectedness” in the internet age of instantaneous gratification. And what’s more, you can even purchase a Wax & Stamp subscription as a gift for someone, and make your fellow crate-digger a very contended friend.

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If you’d like to hang around a bit and learn more about the service first, don’t fret! You can check out their Instagram page and look at their previous issues on their website here.

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