Brazilian jazz funk masterpiece from 1979 “Viralata” by Antonio Adelfo gets vinyl reissue

Drop whatever you’re doing now and listen to this hidden absolute superstar of a record. “Viralata” by Antonio Adelfo finally gets it’s first ever vinyl reissue. 

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If you’re not familiar with the man’s work, Antonio Adolfo’s 1979 record Viralata is a great entrypoint to get into the Brazilian music scene of the 70s, and we’re so delighted that a vinyl record you could normally find north of €120 for a near mint copy is finally available at a reasonable price, thanks to Far Out Recordings.

In addition to it’s amazing compositions of jazz, MPB, funk, classical and baião, Viraleta had sort of a new life in London clubs, and became a jazz-dance classic in the 90s after Far Out Label “Joe Davis discovered a handful of copies in a second hand shop in Sao Paulo and brought them back to London to sell to DJs like Gilles Peterson and Patrick Forge.” First track Cascavel became a “celebratory dance anthem” for the scene at the time and was even the last track to be played at beloved club Plastic People.

It’s a resplendent mix of wind instruments: stuttering trumpets gloss over the ear as cool, comforting keys and endearing percussive hits balance out the highs. The musicality and understanding is sharp and ambitious, but never outstays it’s welcome, maintaining a sense of well-crafted structure, downtempo pre-choruses segue into equally warm hooks, never losing their sense of identity and poise throughout the record.

The 1979 LP reissue will be out through Far Out Recordings on September 18, 2017, for a wonderful price of £18.

Pre-order the record here.

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