#vinyloftheday [Service Announcement] Not So Hot(mail)

#vinyloftheday [Service Announcement] Not So Hot(mail)

#vinyloftheday [Service Announcement] Not So Hot(mail)

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Hey guys, this is Adrian the tech dude. Unfortunately we currently have an issue with our E-mail Service Provider (ESP) where Hotmail addresses are currently not landing. We are currently in the middle of resolving this issue but in the meantime, if you are currently using Hotmail/MSN/iCloud to register and are not receiving any notification/activation e-mails – please switch to another e-mail address for the meantime.

We are working on this and expect this to be resolved by tomorrow after going through some testing on our side.

In the meantime, we will give you another update once we have things back on track. For anyone curious about details on this issue – just drop me a note at adrian (at) vinyloftheday.com and I’d be happy to share a boring nerd explanation to you.

Cheers, enjoy your Friday night and vinyl on!

Download #vinyloftheday marketplace app now via https://www.vinyloftheday.com/mobile.php?app=ios