#vinyloftheday Great Tracks Fortnightly 9/2/2017

#vinyloftheday Great Tracks Fortnightly 9/2/2017

#vinyloftheday Great Tracks Fortnightly 9/2/2017

And we’re back! Here are some great tracks from the past two weeks, featuring: Mount Eerie, Mac DeMarco, Julie Byrne, Ondatropica, Sam Rui, Paul White, Remo Drive and Dirty Projectors.

“Real Death” by Mount Eerie

The level of pain and desolation is incomparable to anything we’ve heard recently on this track by Phil Elverum, as he directly addresses the passing of his wife, who was a comic book illustrator and as O Paon also made music as humbling and searching as Mount Eerie/The Microphones.

“A week after you died a package with your name on it came and inside was a gift for our daughter you had ordered in secret and collapsed there on the front steps I wailed / A backpack for when she goes to school a couple years from now you were thinking ahead to a future you must have known”

Mount Eerie’s upcoming album, “A Crow Looked At Me” will be out March 24th.

“My Old Man” by Mac DeMarco

Branded as one of the best tracks from him yet by the internet’s busiest music nerd, this next step is an exciting yet still wistful venture into new territories for the 26 year old Canadian singer-songwriter.

The drum machine beat works like butter with his signature croons and simple guitarwork, and leaves us on the edges of our seats as we anxiously anticipate how this new direction would culminate on a full-length LP this May.

“Uh oh, looks like I’m seeing more of my old man in me”

“Cool Your Heart (feat. D∆WN)” by Dirty Projectors


This is the most pop-oriented songwriting he’s ever had on a track; period. (We could even envision it playing on Commercial Pop Radio*)

And it works.

It does however, reach a moment in the end chorus where their vocals overlap quite haphazardly. This might leave you scratching your head, but if you do wait and stay, you could see the intentional mess turn beautiful.

“Last night I realized it’s been feeling wrong / To start relying, making decisions based on another person”

*(Just realised he did co-write the smash hit FourFiveSeconds anyways)

“Sleepwalker” by Julie Byrne

Her guitar passages sing like honey as her unassuming voice delivers bits of poetic wisdom. We’re drawn to the narrative, and it’s really enticing us to dig into the new album like a kid aching for present hints on christmas eve, trying to uncover every hidden gem and treasure buried deep.

This seriously also reminds us of The Tallest Man on Earth so much. (Guitar passages wise, at least)

“Solid Gold” by Sam Rui

Definitely the best track we’ve heard so far from the 21 year old songstress from Singapore.

The production on the track (by Fauxe we believe) is glistening and complementary, and really works to let her personality shine through on this sultry ballad. Her intonations and inflexions run sweet, while her lyrics speak absolute confidence and charm.

We believe it’s also about meeting some really nice bookworm or fuckboy at the library / Zouk, but we’ll leave the interpretations for another time.

“Accelerator (feat. Danny Brown)” by Paul White

There’s no such thing as bad Atrocity Exhibition. No such thing.

“Yer Killin’ Me” – Rumo Drive


Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. YES!!!!!!!!!


“Anything that’s bad for me you’re killing MEEEEEEE”

Bogota – Ondotropica


You can literally feel the joy bubbling out of these musicians. The track is so well-mixed and performed, and we’re seriously hoping the single is a sign of a full-length LP in the works from the talented Colombian tropical group.

Other noteworthy tracks:


“Break a Guitar” – Ty Segall


“BagBak” – Vince Staples


“Lucky Girl” – Fazerdaze

“Modern Woman” – Tennis


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