#vinyloftheday Great Tracks Fortnightly 10/1/16

#vinyloftheday Great Tracks Fortnightly 10/1/16

Starting today, #vinyloftheday is going to recap some of the best track releases in recent weeks. Without further to do, here’s the first!

“Little Bubble” by Dirty Projectors

No stranger to ambitious music videos with extensive aesthetic values (look back at any video from Swing Lo Magellan), David Longstreth has done it again, maybe even crafting a true contender for music video of the year already.

It’s a real pleasure that the track is excellent and fresh sounding – like a shifting sack of cells that constantly evolve and expand, with no real foresight conceivable to how next it turns or bends. The lyrics read romantic and enigmatic – one moment a tender love song “We had our own little bubble for a while,” the next an insular internalization of dreams rather nihilistic. “I wanna sleep with no dreams, I wanna be dead.”

“Look Mama I Did It” by Injury Reserve

Already a couple of acclaimed mixtapes into their career, Arizonian hip hop trio Injury Reserve are in the form of their life – releasing some of their most confident and stunning work to date. This track (the closer) has a huge gospel influence, and reminds me a little of Chance’s efforts with “Coloring Book.” The carols however sway back and forth on this with the rap verses, and subsequently blend in perfectly. They hush and rise, the timing so apt it elevates to a hair-raising experience. Definitely recommend listening to the entire album prior though, with the narrative an essential.

“Make Believe” by Hannah Diamond

Hyper bombastic production coupled with a softly frenetic but very likable pseudo-character,

it’s PC Music artist Hannah Diamond with “Make Believe,” a track that carries that same deafeningly honest lyrical theme on socializing and dating in the modern-day internet age that was on her previous two singles. This upwards trajectory and consistency of the music so far only makes me really stoked for an upcoming record. Also she sings a shredded guitar solo, so what else?

“No Plan” by David Bowie

ICYMI, it’s a track that furthers the narrative of Blackstar – neatly fitting in onto the EP as a set of ‘afterthoughts.’ The lyrics are stark and gripping with Bowie belting out in some ethereal afterlife “All of the things that are my life, my desires, my beliefs, my moods – Here is my place without a plan.” And that’s complemented with some euphoric and patient jazz instrumentation hanging in the background – adding to that heavenly quality.

“Wild Fire” by Laura Marling

Possibly my favorite surprise of the week, this sensual and dreamy ballad from BRIT award winning singer-songwriter is a gorgeous song. The vocal melodies are utterly lovely, the narrative is engaging, and as a result has also produced one of the week’s best quotables in song lyrics. “Maybe Someday when God takes me away, I’ll understand what the fuck that means.”

“Protoplast” by T-REX

Singaporean metal-jazz/math-rock band T-Rex has came out with a single version of their lead single from their upcoming full-length album. A more imaginative sound, and a vastly rewarding listen that could turn earworm after a couple of listens.

“Spoken” by Intriguant

Just off his debut album release last weekend, we’ll take a look at one of the gems off this Singaporean producer’s first full-length LP. This quiet burner is like a pristine ice sculpture, the more you peer at it, the more you admire it’s construction and sonic end-product of relaxation.

“Strange or Be Forgotten” by Temples

English psychedelic outfit Temples have also just released a colorful and awe-inspiring tune that’s just overflowing with buzz and excitement. Speaking with NOISEY, the group have talked a little about the inspiration behind the track, and how in this world “we’re continually inundated with pressure in modern life to have to make something of ourselves and leave behind a legacy.”

“Stfu” by Pink Guy

Track is honestly well-composed, and very enjoyable for what it is. If you need a justification as to why this is a great track, just listen to the lyrics on this.



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