New Minimalist Turntable by Miniot that’s just a “Wheel”

New Minimalist Turntable by Miniot that’s just a “Wheel”

New Minimalist Turntable by Miniot that’s just a “Wheel”

This kickstarter prototype has a center stick that controls all functions: On/off, play/pause/ volume, and even claims to be able to go “to the next track.”

Just place the LP on the wheel, and you’re set to be blasting through a Bad Brains or Miles Davis record, as “Wheel” is an analog player, and does not even require batteries. (Ok, it does use a power cord.)

But still, you might be wondering, “How the heck does that work?”

(Credit: Miniot)

Well – the technology, is all built into the platter – the tonearm (built around an AudioTechnica AT95E cartridge), seems to be inside. The modified cartridge is irreplaceable however, with the exception of the stylus.

Now this is where it interesting turns practical, as it claims that because all fragile parts are built in (essentially a closed shape) – “all technology is hidden from dust and accidents” and boasts that your records will no longer be scratched, and your stylus will no longer be “destroyed.”

(Photo Credit: Miniot)

The project has already reached it’s goal, but if you’d like to place an order and find out more – you can do so here. 


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