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TONE Factory launches a new minimalist turntable on Kickstarter

TONE Factory has launched the TONE Turntable. A new minimalist record player that is currently being funded on Kickstarter.

TONE Turntable was designed and developed by three young designers in Vienna, Austria. They worked with engineers from the Austrian company Pro-Ject Audio Systems, to bring  this project to life. TONE Factory delivers a product that is not only affordable and easy to use but beautifully designed as well. These turntables offer an easy solution for vinyl beginners and analog enthusiasts alike.

As can be seen, the TONE Turntable has a timeless look and stands out as a beautiful piece of furniture. Another key point, is it’s one-piece light-weight tonearm. Made using a high-tech injection mould with the counterweight cleverly integrated into the design. It is identically as thick as the tonearm but out of a higher density material. Therefore ensuring the perfect balance and tracking weight.

At this point in time, the TONE Factory’s TONE Turntable is scheduled to be delivered to backers in July 2020. Head here to back this project and also do check out more photos and full tech specs below.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions : 360 x 360 x 54mm (W x D x H)

With Dustcover : 360 x 360 x 85mm (W x D x H)

Weight : 2.8 kg net

With Dustcover : 3.5 kg net

Speed : 33/45 RPM (automatic speed change)

Drive Principle : Belt Drive

Platter : 5mm

Main Bearing : Stainless Steel/Brass

Tonearm : 8.6″

Effective Arm Length : 218.5mm

Overhang : 18.0mm

Effective Tonearm Mass : 6.0g

Tracking Force Range : 17.5 mN pre-adjusted

Outputs : RCA Line, Bluetooth

Included Accessories : Power Supply (EU, USA, UK), Single Adaptor, Drive belt, Felt mat,
Setup guide.

Power Supply : 110 -240V/50, 60Hz; 15V DC 500mA

Power Consumption : 3 Watts Max