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The XX collaborate with Raf Simons to launch a new capsule collection

In celebration of the tenth anniversary of their self-titled debut album, The XX have collaborated with fashion designer Raf Simons on a new merchandise collection.

The capsule collection, features an array of T-shirts, patches, caps, and pins. Inspired by the cosmic imagery from the original album art which came out in August 2009. The graphics are affixed to the T-shirts with small ‘X’ pins. Recalling the patchwork designs found in Simons’ eponymous menswear brand.

An exclusive set of five fabric patches and two pins are also available in a collectible box. They come in two sizes: 5″ and 12 “.

The relationship between RAF SIMONS and The XX

The XX’s relationship with Simons goes back several years. In 2014, he invited them to perform at the Guggenheim Museum in New York. In 2017, the band collaborated with the designer for the making of “I Dare You” music video which was a track from the group’s third studio album.

Regarding the album, Simons told System Magazine, “The album XX represents a very distinct sensibility linked to youth culture at the time. It succeeds in articulating and putting into words what is going on in the minds of kids when they’re dealing with love, heartbreak, friendships. And not in the stereotypical way, it seemed much more real in a way. More authentic.”

Romy Madley of The XX added, “The concept of the DIY aspect in the 10th anniversary merch collection, using patches and pinning them on yourself, is something that feels very teenage to me. This links nicely with the first album — we were teenagers when we wrote the songs, and I was definitely doing that kind of thing with what I was wearing. I got in trouble at school because I was cutting up my uniform. My dad once got a voicemail from school saying ‘She looked like she was going to a rock concert’, which I thought was hilarious. I love that Raf wanted to combine those ideas from his collection into our collaboration”

Check out the collection below. Then head here to shop the collection. Photo credit: Raf Simons

RAF SIMONS / The XX Capsule Collection