The History of UK Garage Documentary

It’s really pretty incredible that after almost 20 years, the influence of the UK Garage genre is still very present. From its early incarnations around 1994, British Garage has had a huge impact over urban music in the UK with artists like Dizzee Rascal, Burial, Wiley, The Streets, Ms Dynamite. It has achieved both underground and commercial success. Chronicling the rise from underground to over-ground, Rewind is the definitive UK Garage music documentary. From the confines of the house party to the vibrant club scene and beyond, there has never been a more in depth look at the Garage genre. From the years of 1998 to 2002 UK Garage dominated the national charts.

The most successful British dance genre to ever emerge from London’s underground, Rewind travels back in time to uncover the untold story of a genre of music that defined an entire generation, still prevalent in today’s music world. The influence and legacy of Garage has been immense and the artists most known for putting it on the music map share their passion with you. The first British dance music documentary of its kind, here is the ultimate history of the birth, death and resurrection of Garage music: Rewind 4Ever.

It features prolific producers Todd Edwards, Karl ‘Tuff Enuff’ Brown, Grant Nelson, Norris ‘Da Boss’ Windross, MC Creed, Matt ‘Jam’ Lamont, Scott Garcia, Sticky, Sunship and Artful Dodger.

The History of UK Garage – Released Monday 15th July 2013 on iTunes and Tesco Blink Box Directed by Alex Lawton VisualVybe Produced by Visual Vybe Productions LTD Trailer Music by Solution solutionuk Trailer Animation by NA_Hoodz

[Source: FACT]