The Best Ways to Display your Vinyl Records

The Best Ways to Display your Vinyl Records

Every serious record head knows that records are not just meant to heard; but also to be seen.

Here’s how you can provide your prized collection with tender loving care.
(Warning: #Vinylporn coming your way)

1. Store them up in crates
For the understated, kinfolk-ish look.

Using crates are the most fuss-free way to store your records.
It’s simple, low-maintenance, and easy. Better yet, you can create a modular system – stack them, shift them, and create new formations.

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 The best part? You can do it yourself. Upcycle old furniture, re-use forgotten wine crates, or even scrub up some old pallets. (Just don’t forget to sand the wood.)

Sounds like a possible weekend project idea?

Photo credit: Ourcozycubbyhole

2. Keep them neat and organized with cabinets
This one’s for the obsessive, compulsive neat vinyl heads. 

Neat collection. Clean! 

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Does looking at records neatly arrange give you a strange, calming feeling?
Then a cabinet would be best for you – arrange them by alphabetical order, genre, colour, year produced and more…you get what we mean.

Perfect Sunday chilling vibe. ?: Sabrina Rothe 

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Can someone say #roomgoals #vinylporn #vinylenvy?

3. Create a super tasteful gallery wall
Because records are not meant to be hidden. Photo credit: Wag the Wall

Like art, records are meant to be displayed.
After all, artists like Andy Warhol, Damien Hirst and Anton Corbijn did create some super iconic covers.

Gather a few of your favourite covers and make it into a gallery wall.

Photo credit: Wag the Wall

And don’t just stick ‘em up on your wall. Art deserves to be framed.
Check out The Magic Vinyl Display by Wag the Wall – a clean, minimalistic, and tasteful way to display your best records.

How do you store and display your records?
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