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Sin-Pit delivers a new mix for Singapore Community Radio’s latest episode

Sin-Pit is a DJ based in Singapore and Pittsburgh. She has been making waves in both regions playing at some of the best parties alongside artists such as Air Max’97, Struction, Hank Jackson and Yaeji. We recently caught up with her to chat about her musical influences and experiences. Read the entire interview below, then listen to the mix she recorded for Singapore Community Radio’s latest episode.

Could you please introduce yourself?

Hi I’m Sin-Pit. I grew up in Singapore and then spent some time in Pittsburgh doing my undergrad. My DJ name is a combination of the two cities I spent my formative years in. It’s basically a reference of the two places that really influenced and shaped my DJ pursuits.

How long have you been working on music and what got you into this?

I’ve always been into finding and collecting music ever since my childhood whether it’s through CDs, YouTube, ehmm limewire and other digital platforms. So the motivation has always been there to be discovering new sounds. I started DJing in college in Pittsburgh. My school had a really good radio station, WRCT 88.3FM, with an amazing community of people that had very eclectic taste in music and diverse skillets with DJing and music production.

I’m super grateful to have been a part of that and to have been around people that were willing to share what they know with me. Another main motivation was that when I went to college parties and saw the DJs doing their thing, it looked so fun and cool so I wanted to get in on it and play my own stuff. I honestly never expected to be playing at actual clubs and raves in a few years time.

Tell us about the kind of music that inspires you

Right now I’m super into the sounds from Hessle, Whities and Cong Burn. Those guys are typically classified as left-field but it’s hard to say exactly. They’re very percussive, sometimes with techno or drum and bass elements mixed with crazy soundscapes, which makes their music ever more interesting.

How would you describe your DJ style? 

My DJ style is really anything goes. I like to mix anything and everything from rave techno to break-beat to deconstructed industrial to maybe trap. Occasionally jumping around with the bpms, so my set will typically start at 90 then gradually get up to 180 then I half it down back 90 again. I like change up the pace throughout my set and have fun with it that way.

Tell us about your favorite performance venues

I would say my favorite performance was Relaxer’s live set in NYC’s Bossa Nova Civic Club. It was the most action packed and technically skilled live set I’ve heard. Typically, live sets are at a different pace because it takes a bit longer to layer the sounds together then progress from there where you would hear the same loops for a while but his was not just seamless but also so eclectic in how he progressed throughout the night.

Not to mention how much the whole set just slapped with energy. The energy on that small dance floor was so good and you could not step away because you’re dancing so hard and don’t want to miss whatever he was going to bring on next.

 Will you be producing music in the near future?

So far I’ve only DJed. It’s still pretty recent for me to be playing at clubs so there is still a lot for me to learn. Regardless, I’m definitely interested in producing my own stuff.

Name one musician you would love to work on a track with and why

If I ever get the chance, I would love to collaborate with 33EMYBW. She is an insanely talented artist from Shanghai. She creates a lot of experimental deconstructed club music that you can still move to. I like hearing music that’s not just based on the same 4×4 beat so hearing her stuff for the first time really blew my mind.

What can we expect from you in the near future?

Maybe expect a few tunes from me in the near future!

Singapore Community Radio Episode #112 – 28.11.2019 Episode Ft. Sin-Pit

Sin-Pit has recorded a mix for Singapore Community Radio‘s newest episode. Do take your time to enjoy the mix below.