Watch Sampha – (No One Knows Me) Like The Piano video

Watch Sampha – (No One Knows Me) Like The Piano video

Watch Sampha – (No One Knows Me) Like The Piano 4k 360 music video

Sampha, arguably one of 2017’s most anticipated artists (after collabs with Kanye West, Frank Ocean and Solange left newly acquired fans hungry for more material), has just released two different versions of music videos for his single “(No One Knows Me) Like The Piano.”

As a tender tribute to his mother, the videos exist in the same sphere – albeit only presented from two (wildly) different perspectives [also another pretty interesting MV that came out this week from Father John Misty]


The first is a traditional four-minute minimal statement depicting the 27 year old producer from South London languishing on an antique upright Challen piano, while a woman (presumably embodying his mother) dances around the the hall as her being alternates between a mildly languid human form and graceful free-flowing dust.


For context, Sampha wrote the track for his late mother – chronicling a time where he returned his childhood home in 2014 to look after her following her cancer diagnosis. The piano was a form of escapism for the South Londoner from a family of five, exemplifying his catharsis and grieving Process.

The second however, is a gloriously soul-crushing 360 visual experiment shot in 4K that will leave you absolutely gobsmacked on the edge of your seat.

This time, the viewer takes on the POV role of Sampha up front and center, the dancer traversing between balletic forms of matter like you’re simply just… there.

A colourful visual experience – Sampha’s delicate fingers intersperse between keys in first person view, the padded cloaks of husky dust ruminating through the wind, as the woman nods, prods, her facial expressions poetically realistic and enigmatically beautiful.

In a recent interview with The Fader, the British soul artist stated “wishing there was a technology to identify pain and convey it.” In this, he wholefully turns grief, into art.

(Additional note: this is assumedly an improvised performance that leaves Sampha revealing additional lyrics towards the 1:14 mark – singing: ”

Let me see your touch;
Let me breathe you now
You’re alive in sound.”


Process is set to be released on February 3 via Young Turks

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