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Record Safari – A documentary about the joy of collecting vinyl

Record Safari is a new documentary chronicling Alex Rodriguez experiences on the road buying records. Directed by Vincent Vittorio, the documentary was originally planned to be released during the first weekend of Coachella Music Festival before it cancelled due to the COVID-19 climate.

“It’s a feel-good doc for any current, past or future vinyl lover that allows them to feel like they can kind of step away on this road trip movie. It really gives them a look into this one quirky fanatic, Alex Rodriguez, taking us on this journey across the country,”  the director said.

Record Safari follows Rodriguez, who travels across America to obscure places to curate and stock his on-site store at Coachella, which holds about 30,000 records. The documentary also features locals about their love of vinyl as well as interviews with musicians. Featuring interviews with Pete Rock, Lenny Kaye, Monalisa Murray, Oliver Wang, Valerie Calano, “Slug” and “Ant” from Atmosphere, Sheila Burgel, Steven Blush, Rebecca Birmingham, Jamison Harvey “DJ Prestige”, Kevin Patrick, and more, Record Safari gives viewers an intimate look at the world of record collecting.

Record Safari is currently available for viewing through Record Safari site, Apple TV, Roku, Vimeo and Chromecast. Watch the trailer below.