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Quentin Tarantino talks about his incredible “Record Room”

Certainly, Quentin Tarantino films contain diverse colorful characters, stylish violence and over-the-top references to cinema classics. But above all Tarantino has demonstrated that he is a master of using music to create a mood. Also to inject personalities into characters and simply to amplify his artistic vision. Concurrently his films are intertwined with soundtracks that are so naturally befitting. It becomes an exceptional experience for the viewer. 

At this time the director has shared details of his record collection in an interview with Discogs.

Tarantino & His Records

So Tarantino rarely speaks about his personal “record room”. But when asked about the size of his collection he says “Oh, I’ve never counted. I don’t even know how many film prints I have. I’ve always been afraid to put my obsessions under a microscope that much. But the truth of the matter is — I have a really, really, really good record collection.”

Additionally he also shed some light on how his records have inspired not just soundtracks but also the scripts of films itself: “I’ve long been saying that I have a modus operandi where when I’m thinking about a movie, I go into my record room, and I start looking for music for the film. And that’s kind of how I’ve been doing it from the beginning.”

Finally, Tarantino concludes by saying, “I’m about as proud of my discography as I am of my filmography. I really really like my soundtrack albums, and I think for me they’re wonderful. Every single one of them. And I really love them. I’m very proud of them, and I actually have them in my record room. I have all of them up on the wall, and they all look really damn good together, and I get really proud when I look at them.”

You can read the full interview here.

In addition, Quentin Tarantino has also taken over Spotify’s “Film & TV Favorites” playlist. Pulling together nearly four hours of his favorite songs that have appeared in his films. You can listen to it below.