The Padres – What’s Your Story (RSD 2019)

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This EP by the Padres was once feted as the biggest thing to look out for in Singapore music. With a cast of big names like band leader Joe Ng, Ben Harrison, Patrick Chng, Evan Tan (and a host of ex-members who were just about the whole Singapore scene), “What’s Your Story” would have seemed like the second coming, the great expectation…revelation to the radioheads in the island city. And mind you, it’s Joe Ng, the Godfather of Singapore music whose lost, confused and sad puppy eyes belie the realistic business savvy opportunist. We can’t blame Joe for his pretension nor can we fault his passion for local music, he had to play the underdog mythical anti-hero to fit the bill because it is always a romantic notion to root for the struggling bohemian and to that effect he did drew an audience to witness the motley of Singapore misfits who can rock. Joe was pioneering frontman of electro-gloom duo Corporate Toil in the mid-’80s before pioneering the alternative all-stars outfit of the Padres.

Album includes bonus 6 tracks demo CD,  ‘Telephone Baby”

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