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New ‘Plastic Love’ Music Video: Tokyo Awash in 80’s Nostalgia

Plastic Love by Mariya Takeuchi, the track that sparked last year’s revival of City Pop, will be finally getting a music video this year. For the uninitiated, City Pop is a genre popularised in 80’s Japan, a pristine-sounding blend of pop, jazz, and funk that reflected the economic and technology boom of that era.

The 1983 song burst into the spotlight after a fan-uploaded video went viral on Youtube. It was one of our favourite tracks of 2018 and a major inspiration behind White Label Record’s City Pop and Asian Nights with DJ Itch.

The ‘Plastic Love’ video is directed by award-winning music video director Kyoutaro Hayashi and will be released in conjunction with Takeuchi’s 40th anniversary album – a 3-disc, 62 track compilation titled “Turntable”.

Director Hayashi shared the following comments in the teaser clip uploaded by Warner Music Japan:

“It is said that this famous song, unburied in the waves of the times, was released to the world again in this year of reluctance. I was involved as a director. It was a great honour. I made it as a united body, intermingling the respect for the age when this song was born, and our interpretation of the same generation.”

We can’t wait for the full video to drop. Check out the teaser clip below and soak in the Tokyo city lights — equal parts drenched in nostalgia and longing.