Objekt to release second LP, “Cocoon Crush” on PAN

A DJ and producer well known for his cutting-edge technicality and precision, Objekt (real name TJ Hertz) has proven his skill in sound design and arrangement on a series of EPs and on his debut LP ‘Flatland‘. It’s often quite difficult to categorize his music, due to its construction from an amalgamation of so many different genres and styles. As resistant as they are to classification, his past releases have one thing in common: unquestionable functionality on the dance-floor. This ability to create music which comfortably straddles the razor-thin line between home listening and club use makes Objekt a name to keep track of in the realm of electronic music.

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With this forthcoming release titled ‘Cocoon Crush’ on experimental label PAN (9th November), Objekt strays further from the pounding dance-floor and enters an ethereal space with a much more atmospheric and organic quality. On a recent single from the album titled ‘Secret Snake’, he develops the mood through the use of heavily modulated vocals and ASMR-like ambient noise. Chaotic rhythmic elements paired with the collage of abstract sonic objects evoke a strong sense of psychedelia, setting it apart from the mechanistic sound of his previous work. While his impeccable technicality still shines through, the new material feels a lot more intuitive and visceral.

Have a listen to ‘Secret Snake‘:

Cocoon Crush‘ Tracklist: 

01. ‘Lost and Found (Lost Mix)
02. ‘Dazzle Anew
03. ‘35
04. ‘Nervous Silk
05. ‘Deadlock
06. ‘Rest Yr Troubles Over Me
07. ‘Silica
08. ‘Runaway
09. ‘Secret Snake
10. ‘Another Knot
11. ‘Lost and Found (Found Mix)

Preorder the album here.

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