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Noel Gallagher on how Acid House changed his life

Noel Gallagher has just shared about the life-changing impact ‘The Haçienda’, acid house and rave culture had on him in a new interview with Tim Jonze.

Whilst discussing how Oasis was all about the collective experience, Noel claimed that influence was born from ‘The Haçienda’ and rave culture. He said: “Acid house changed my life. You look at the words to those songs … it’s all about unity, ‘us’, the whole communal thing. So when I started writing songs, instinctively, that’s how I did it. It was never about me, it was ‘you and me’. It was never ‘us versus them’ because there is no them!”

Noel Gallagher added: “So when people go on about Oasis, they miss the point. It wasn’t about snarling and shouting and gobbing in the street. It was inclusive. That’s why so many people turned up to the gigs. And that’s why if I got up tomorrow morning and said: ‘Let’s do it’” – he clicks his fingers – “the world would change again. Because people never forget the way you made them feel.”

Head here to read the full interview.

Photo credit: Alan Clarke

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