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New Music Weekly, Vinyl Of The Day #vinyloftheday Essentials (Dec 20)

New Music Weekly, Vinyl Of The Day #vinyloftheday Essentials is a weekly Spotify playlist. It is curated by the #vinyloftheday / White Label Records team. Updated every week to keep you in the loop.

Navigating through a sea of digital music can be overwhelming at times. Especially when you have unlimited access to discographies, catalogs on Spotify and other streaming services. At the same time, it can be rewarding and exciting. Much like finding a rare physical record at your local store. In like fashion we at Vinyl of The Day would like to share with you our selection.

The playlist includes tunes that are on heavy rotation in our office and physical store, White Label Records. Including fresh sounds we’ve discovered and ones that are in line with our weekly events. Certainly, we hope you will be able to experience a diverse mix of songs that will keep you going throughout the week. Meanwhile, head here for more info on our weekly events, do give us a visit and have a chat.

New Music Weekly (December 20)

Our playlist for this week features new releases from Intriguant, Halal SolDaniel Lopatin, Ulfuls, Khruangbin, SMOKIN’theJAZZ, The Breed and many more. Also included are artists Remulak, Katashi Kaitō, Satl and Torino Unlimited Noise. Surely do give it a listen below, then head here to follow us on Spotify.