Need a quick and efficient way to hang records? Check out Record Props

Need a quick and efficient way to hang records? Check out Record Props

Want to display your records on the wall, but DIY options are either too much of hassle or not foolproof enough? Kickstarter project Record Props is an all in one simple ornament for vinyl lovers that will not only allow you to display the album cover, but will let you hang the vinyl – if that’s your thing when a friend is over and you’re casually switching around records

A nifty kind of simple gadgetry, a turn of the ‘X’ allows you to change the width (so you can switch to 7-inches) You can also use it to prop your vinyls up on a surface. The gripe (and idea for the product) came when the creator of the “found himself putting records on, but then leaving the cover leaning against the wall.”

He cited how existing solutions might risk damaging your records as they were prone to fall, while some made him “take too long to change off the albums.” He also just wanted to find a super easy alternative that wouldn’t take too much effort to get.

Record Props follows the concept of hanging artwork in your home, but in this fashion simply allows you to share and celebrate the records you love, and display them proudly.

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