Melbourne introduces a brand new vinyl pressing plant, the first in Australia in 30 years

For the first time in 30 years, a brand new, high-tech vinyl pressing plant called Program Records is set to open in Melbourne in early 2018.

Vinyl manufacturing in Australia is rare, and Program Records joins the few in the vinyl market such as the famous Zenith Records, The company will utilise next-gen Warm Tone presses, made by the Toronto-based company Viryl Technologies.

Program Records will offer 12″ records in 140gm/180gm, with future plans to release 7″ and also 10″ formats at the end of 2018. Other services will include custom colour vinyl options, cutting and lathing.

Program will initially offer 12” records in either 140gm or 180gm with plans to introduce 7” and 10” formats towards the end of 2018. They will also be cutting and lathing on site and will offer custom colour vinyl options. Check out their website here.

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