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Stream the new Kamaal Williams album, “Wu Hen”

Kamaal Williams has now unveiled Wu Hen, his latest album.

The jazz iconoclast has built up hype over the last few weeks with single drops like ‘Mr Wu’ and ‘Hold On’. With Wu Hen, Williams makes his mark on the UK jazz scene with another stunner — a fusion of jazz, funk, rap and r&b reinforced with the beat-heavy attitude of grime, jungle, house and garage.

To celebrate the launch of Wu Hen, Williams performed a 360° live stream set as a fundraiser for the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust. The performance featured the likes of saxophonist Shabaka Hutchings, harpist Alina Bzhezhinska and singer Lauren Faith.

“This is a revolution of the mind,” Kamaal Williams explains in a press release. “A spiritual rebellion: To reach new heights requires separating ourselves from the material world and finding power in what’s intangible. That’s what music and art is for – whether it’s a primitive emotion or something deep, you feel it.

“And there’s a subliminal element that resonates throughout my work. If you’re painting, it’s what you’re feeling as you’re painting. And the person looking at that artwork or listening to that music, they can feel it too, because it’s sincere.”

Wu Hen is now available for pre-order on Williams’ official site. The album is pressed on limited silver vinyl, along with red and black vinyl editions.

Stream the full album below.

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