If you’re looking for a DJ Rotary Mixer, turn your attention to the Varia RDM20

If you’re looking for a DJ Rotary Mixer, turn your attention to the Varia RDM20

Now if you’re in the market for a rotary mixer, check out the RDM20 from young Swiss company Varia Instruments.

Just six months old, the product has gained quite a bit of traction already – being used at the Montreux Jazz Festival, in addition to having a number of in-store showcases around the world in places like Hong Kong, Paris, London and Tokyo.

The creators have told us they’ve placed a lot of emphasis and care on their product. Not only is the boutique mixer’s design aesthetically pleasing, it’s constructed to a philosophy – of products made to a “high-end quality…. a reduction to the essentials.”

The machine officially is a “fully-analog two channel rotary mixer” that differentiates itself with two different built in three brand isolators. Instead of a regular EQ, one is set to a master signal, the other on each channel. The master isolator is claimed to be “quite raw and steep, while the character of the other isolator is smoother.”

One of the creators has been a DJ for about a decade, and notes that this design decision was made to “allow DJs to play the RDM20 in a very creative manner and for them to have more influence for how their records sound in the club, or at home,” a point to note for all you vinyl-lovers out there.

The PSU is built in, and the RDM20 has one phono and two line inputs per channel (House XLR, Booth jack), as well as a steady recording output (cinch).

There’s an element of intimacy I guess, in it being a built to order. Handcrafted in Switzerland and test checked with an audio-precision analyzer, they retail for 2’190 CHF (Swiss Francs), which briefly equates to $2170 USD. It also ships out in 12 weeks.

Check out a demo video of the RDM20 done by FACTMAG here.

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