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Discover The History of House Music Through Disco

The historic baseball game between the Chicago White Sox and the Detroit Tigers in 1979 never happened. However, the event had been commemorated as a pivotal moment in history. This due to what happened the night before. ‘The Disco Demolition’ had been led by morning radio man Steve Dahl. Steve Dahl, disco-hating radio DJ blew up hundreds of disco records in the center field as a joke. Upon this act close to 7000 rushed onto the field starting a riot that involved the police. This event is dubbed “The night Disco died”. Therefore sparking the rise of Chicago’s youngest producers and DJ’s to reinvent disco music. By playing them over heavy-hitting drum machines. Disco died and house music had been born. To travel all over the world and change the course of music forever. Watch the full in-depth film on how house music took over the world below. Video credit: Vox

We have curated a playlist for you to discover music history. The playlist delivers 4 hours of music that brings you through disco, italo-disco, house music staples and more. Relive history and listen below.