#vinyloftheday Friday Selekts with Dylan Gardner

#vinyloftheday Friday Selekts with Dylan Gardner

Friday Selekts with Dylan Gardner

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In this week’s edition of Friday Selekts, we have singer-songwriter Dylan Gardner to share his top vinyl in his collection. The son of a bass player and record store owner, Dylan Gardner has had a rich musical upbringing that instilled a passion for pure pop craftsmanship. He began writing music in his early teens and set up a recording studio in his bedroom. In 2012, Dylan Gardner released his self recorded debut EP, Morning Stories. In 2014, at the age of 17, he inked a deal with Warner Bros. Records and released his acclaimed debut album, Adventures in Real Time. Now 20 years old, Dylan Gardner has just completed his next album and has recently released it’s first single “Sign Language”. 

I’ve been collecting since I was a little kid going to Goodwills all over the midwest. My first record was a coffee stained “White Album” on white vinyl I found at goodwill for 99c and it just set off the record collector bug in me. I collect all genres, everything from Rihanna to the Residents. I have over 2,500 records and I dig every week whether it’s thrift shops, record stores, estate sales, storage garages, or just online. I post a weekly series called “#WaxWednesday” where I share a record from my collection with my Instagram and Twitter followers (@dylangardner)”

1. The Blue Nile- Hats (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VP4ViC_ZJZw)

Dylan Gardner vinyl records

“I first heard this LP on the tour for my first album two years ago sitting in a parking lot in Utah with some of the heaviest rain and hail I’ve ever seen hitting down on the car. When the sparse reverbed drum machines kicked in and I heard Paul Buchanan’s voice sing about going out on the town, seeing the downtown lights and the headlights on the parade, a new-found inspiration for my next album really jumpstarted. It was a divine intervention moment, and I’m forever grateful for the Blue Nile. I play this record at 11pm nearly once a week.”

2. Grimes- Art Angels (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqa9xx2vBQc)

Dylan Gardner vinyl records

“Grimes is my biggest inspiration lately. She writes, produces, engineers, directs, paints, mixes…just everything. That sort of artistic control and fearlessness inspires me to really push myself. I was turned onto Grimes by my co-producer Matt Rad, who played me “California” in his car the day “Art Angels” came out, and I just went home and burned through 10 listens of the record with my jaw on the floor. I snuck a lyric reference about dancing to this record in my next album.”

3. The Millennium- It’s You/I Just Want to Be Your Friend (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-fn4oztRwk)

Dylan Gardner vinyl records

“Everyone has one mysterious cult hero they champion and mine is Curt Boettcher. I first heard the Millennium when I was 15 and it’s the production on that record that makes me put all the fun playful sounds in my music. He’s also a phenomenal vocal arranger. Lately, I’ve decided to go into the rabbit hole of being a completist on the man, and I’ve collected nearly 80% of his vinyl output (Band LPs, Solo LPs, 45s he’s produced). I feel like every day a Curt Boettcher record shows up at my door from UPS.” 

4. Patrick Park- Loneliness Knows My Name (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05DrouI8G-U)

Dylan Gardner vinyl records

“My manager signed Patrick Park to Hollywood Records and helped him put out this album in 2003. When I was writing for my album, the vinyl was almost yelling at me to listen to it. The record is a such a beautiful collection of flawless songs that will grow and attach themselves to you and you’ll recall its lyrics in so many of life’s situations. Patrick is a killer guitar player that can just silence a room with one Martin acoustic. I got to write with him, and the two of us wrote my favorite song I’ve ever wrote, a song called “All Roads Lead Back” which will be the new album’s closer!”

5. Kanye West- My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sp1mVNOB5tg&index=3&list=PLm0RrgwyvOYWmhHa5rOT4hR0DhrScuTpr)

Dylan Gardner vinyl records

“I know Kanye’s a controversial figure to some people, but the music shuts all the controversy down. This record is a fully realized vision about the fantasies/dangers of money and power with the textures of boxy 808s and fuzz guitars. There was a period of time this record was out of print and selling for hundreds of dollars online. I’d have nightmares about not being to own it. I tweeted that I will do someone’s laundry for the record, when who else but my own product manager at Warner Bros had one and gave it to me. Two weeks later, MBDTF was reissued and is overflowing the bins at Urban Outfitters currently.” 

6. Novos Baianos- Acabou Chorare (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4vL–PrvsJ0)

Dylan Gardner vinyl records

“I have periods where I become obsessed with one genre and it’s all I can listen to for weeks, and recently that was Tropicalia. The gateway drug was Gal Costa, but this album is the album I’d want to make if I was living in Brazil at the time. The melodies are so beautiful and the songs are so fun and danceable. You can hear the inspiration in the guitar runs on my song “Sign Language”. “

7. Everything Everything- Get to Heaven (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQPVApfa9rE)

Dylan Gardner vinyl records

“Everything Everything is the 21st century XTC. Perfect melodies worthy of the Beatles mixed with neurotic vocals and complex rhythms. If I could wish upon a star, it would be that pop music sounds like this in a few years, when it catches up to how good it is. “

8. Gerry Morris- Only the Beginning (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tT5niaAXAWc)

Dylan Gardner vinyl records

“What would a record collecting blog be without one obscure find to share? I love to collect fake McCartney records and this record with the ugliest cover I’ve ever seen is a very fun listen. I get some Tame Impala vibes throughout the record too. I just scored this rare LP from a thrift store, but that was a miracle. This goes for stupid amounts of money online.”

9. The Marmalade- I See the Rain/Otherwise It’s Been a Perfect Day (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=agmAfbN3ZP0)

Dylan Gardner vinyl records

“The song “I See the Rain” is the B-side on this 45 but it’s one of the finest slices of british pop I’ve ever heard. I just scored this 45 and it just plays and plays on my turntable day in and day out. Also, I collect ANY record with a fuzz solo. You can find this song on the Nuggets II boxset!”

10. Pastor T.L. Barrett & the Youth For Christ Choir- Like A Ship (Without A Sail) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lypO8pt_8NQ)

Dylan Gardner vinyl records

“This is the record I keep making all my friends listen to. The original pressing of the LP goes for $600 so I’ll never own it, but thankfully Light in the Attic reissued the record a couple weeks ago! I was digging in a storage garage a few months ago when I found a different TL Barrett record with the same choir sitting in a bin of sleeveless records called “Do Not Pass Me By Vol. 2” which is just as great. I can’t find any audio clips online of that LP so I’ll have to transfer my copy. I just saw Beck live at the Palladium and he covered “Like a Ship” with a choir and again, my ears melted.”

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