Fresh Music: fourfour by FZPZ

Still buzzing from the success of his 2018 EP, Hidden Personas, FZPZ somehow found time to bless his fans with a 7-track house music collection titled fourfour.

fourfour is an obvious departure from the lush epic of Hidden Personas, released in 2018 under electronic label Darker Than Wax and immortalised in vinyl this year with a launch party at White Label Records.

This surprise release sounds more spontaneous and unabashedly fun, as if you’ve caught FZPZ on one of his rare nights out on the decks. There’s plenty of bouncy club beats, and even a little 90’s pop throwback in these DJ-friendly tracks. fourfour might be less complex than his last EP, but it’s still a gem of a record and the perfect soundtrack for dancing the night away.

Here’s some comments from the man himself:

“It’s a cheeky collection of tracks that some friends and I intend to play live for our upcoming gigs. Also dedicated to a friend, Samuel Foo, who’s in Bangkok right now with Halal Sol playing a few shows as Powder Social Club.

A few weeks ago, I released a house-y track Velvet Hue and Samuel asked if I had more unreleased tracks of the same vibe for his show, so I looked back to some shelved tracks and polished them up.

There’s a house-y track, Trickster, in Hidden Personas that I wanted to elaborate on in fourfour. I made the seven tracks in two days. Four happened to be brand-new jams I did in an afternoon.” 

Do look out for his upcoming show with Korean deep house producer Park Hye Jin at Tuff Club with Moonbeats, and another EP with Darker Than Wax this year.