Fresh Music: Dribble by Low Flung

Fresh Music: Dribble by Low Flung

Low Flung aka Danny Wild is an Australian artist and label-head (Moontown Records) pushing alternatives in the regional electronic music scene. Released on the 28th September by Butter Sessions in Melbourne, Dribble is a four track EP that’s highly evocative.

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Whether it’s the lush ambient soundscapes, the bouncy sub-bass rhythms, or the seamlessly blended field recordings, a full listen of the record in it’s entirety feels like a journey into the dewy subtropical rainforests down under. While there’s a lot going on in terms of instrumentation, a steady pace is maintained throughout its entirety in a drifting, hazy manner.

Here’s a quick breakdown of Dribble by the label:

“On the A side we are treated to two long form cuts ‘Deep Dribble’ and ‘Shallow Sleep’. The former is a beautiful leftfield digi-dub amalgamation. A heavy hitting bassline emerges from the misty textures before a killer rhythm appears. On ‘Shallow Sleep’ we indulge in over 12 minutes of brain tingling ambience, rich with field recordings and textures. The B side looks to the quirkier side of Wild’s productions. On ‘Exotic Dirt (Blend 43 Dub)’ and ‘Air Dry’ off kilter rhythms and zonked out skanking synth chords take full charge while maintaining a sense of warmth.”

Grab a copy of the EP here.

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