Fisher Price turntables into portable DJ decks? Yes it’s possible!

Daniel Barassi from LA has performed a miracle with a couple of old toy Fisher Price turntables. – rechristened the Fishure-Price.

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The project started innocently, with Barassi figuring out a way to replace Fisher-Price’s “diamond needle cartride” with a Shure M44-7 “DJ” cartridge. Not content with a mere stylus upgrade, Barassi continued to modify the deck, creating a turntable that’s equally able to play records while digging as it is to play records via a mixer or serato. The result was a beefed up, DJ-ready portable turntable.

The home project also launched an Instagram series #45Friday, where Barassi takes his Fishure-Price portable turntable out on location to visit special guests and ask about a 45 single that they have a special bond with.

Check out the #45Fridays series here. And see the Fishure-Price DJ series turntable in action below and on Instagram.

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