DJs / Producers Tell Us Their Favourite Record for Valentine’s Day

DJs / Producers Tell Us Their Favourite Record for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is here again, and what better way to express your love (and hate) with a song?

We sussed out some of our awesome music friends from all around the world to tell us what their favourite Valentine’s Day record is – because love is everywhere, and just like music, comes in all shapes, forms and feelings. Get ready for a playlist of slow sex jams and sensual reggae to obscure hindi Bollywood music…..

Akito (Sans Absence, London)

Sizzla – Dry Cry

“I guess I grew up hearing this at parties, and I still sing it whether I’m happy or sad, Valentine’s Day or not.”

Iyer (Phyla, Singapore) 


A.R. Rahman – Kannamoochi Yenada (from the movie Kandukonden Kandukonden)

“This is my favourite Valentine’s Day song because it applies to couples and singles equivalently 🙂 The song’s title is a reference to the games a man and woman play before finding each other in their hearts – it literally asks ‘Why are we playing hide and seek?”

Jo Ann (+2dB, Kuala Lumpur)

Ginuwine – Pony

“Simply because it’s the ultimate let’s-get-it-on song.”


Kurt Loy (Vinyl Of The Day, Singapore)

The Real Thing – You to Me Are Everything

“The tune is super catchy and the lyrics are so meaningful. It’s both happy and sad at the same time – He loves this person and will be there for her till she feels the same. Some may look at him with pity in such a one-sided love, but in my interpretation, he had fully accepted his loss of self in falling for her and understood this truth.”

Nicola Swedish Clifton (Violent Blondes, London)

Envoy – Prologue (Leave This World Behind)

“It is such a powerful track! It is one to get lost to and reminisce about life, there is a sense of clarity where everything comes together and makes sense.”

DJ Noir (Juke Bounce Werk, Los Angeles)

DJ Rashad – Love U Found

I am going to go with “Love U Found” by DJ Rashad. It is one of the first of his tracks I ever heard and made me fall in love with the footwork sound. When I hear this track, I get all the feels and miss him so dearly. <3″

softcorecoft (Montreal)


Larry Heard Presents Mr. White – The Sun Can’t Compare (Long Version)

“This song is an acid house classic by Larry Presents Mr. White. One of my all time absolute favourites. The emotional TB-303 bassline seduces me every time and the lyrics are so romantic: “You are my life / The sun can’t compare to your light / You are my dream / The moon can’t compare to your beams.” A great track to flirt with the crowd and get a dancefloor going.”

Sam Binga (Bristol)

Young Thug – Hey I

“It’s always kinda hard to know what Thug is on about, but I think this is a fairly heartfelt statement of how much is he is into his girl, over a surprisingly touching London On The Track beat. I love the arpeggios that rise up every now and then – when I first heard this, it was on loop for a week straight.”

Yukibeb (Soulection, Tokyo)

Dpat – Bloom

“Sensual track that makes my heart beat faster every time I listen – just like when i’m falling in love.”


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