Introducing Elbow: Your new-age portable cassette player

Introducing Elbow: Your new-age portable cassette player

Introducing Elbow: Your new-age portable cassette player

Elbow: Your new-age portable cassette player

With the resurgence of vinyl and other tactile forms of music media, different companies have been brainstorming millions of ways to serve the current market – with more people seeing the value of physical formats as not only a manner of listening to music, but developing again an intimacy for music collecting as a keepsake from their beloved artistes. This is the motivation behind ELBOW, which is a portable cassette player reduced to it’s core. As advertised, it has 4 main values behind it’s concept:


Elbow strips away most mechanical parts of a traditional cassette player, resulting in a strikingly minimal and laconic design.


User interaction is made easy and intuitive thanks to bi-axial arm and control wheel, while allowing more playback control than ever before.


In addition to boasting a slick, clean aesthetic, Elbow can be pinned to clothes and fabrics, turning your favorite tape into a fashionable accessory.

Made with Love

ELBOW was conceived with burning passion by, and for, cassette tape lovers!

With it’s aim of delivering a brand new user experience, ELBOW strips the excess packaging and exposes the cassette to its elements, allowing the listening to appreciate its mechanical motion and even forcibly interrupt playback.

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The ELBOW’s man feature is it’s biaxial arm – it rotates in two directions: an upward motion which enables the insertion of the cassette, and a sideways motion that allows manual switching of playing direction. Playback is controlled by a single wheel, and it has two connections for a standard 3.5mm audio plug and a mini USB port for charging and transferring audio to computer. There is also an additional pin that can be used to attach the player to the user’s clothes and other objects.

ELBOW is only still a concept for now and not available for retail, but it did go through a generous round of surveys, and hopefully we will probably see it showing up in stores pretty soon!

Check the video below for more information about the concept:

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