Build Your Own DIY Portable Turntable In Under 18 Minutes With Spinbox

Build Your Own DIY Portable Turntable In Under 18 Minutes With Spinbox

The people at Spinbox are creating a pretty ambitious turntable concept that we’re sure will turn heads once the product reaches the final end stage and subsequently, consumer market. The product is branded as an “affordable way to experience vinyl” and if you’re an entry-level vinyl listener, will pull you in with an appeal of an all-in-one design (turntable will come with built-in amp and speakers) that will take away the hassle of a complicated setup.

Portable turntables like the Numark PT-01 and Audio-Technica LP-60 immediately come to mind in terms of simplicity, but this Spinbox concept takes it one-step further by pitching you the idea of building/assembling your turntable from a set of basic materials and units that’ll be provided to you. From what we see, a number of exteriors are available – so you’ll be able to choose your fancy.

spinbox, diy turntable #vinyloftheday marketplace app, sell vinyl, buy vinyl, buy vinyl records, sell vinyl records, buy used vinyl records, sell used vinyl records, music, turntables, collector, record collection, records collection, turntable, record player, kickstarterThe company claims that you’ll have no problem playing at 33, 45 or 78 RPM speeds and basically 7 inch, 10 inch and 12 inch singles.

From the pictures, the speakers are located at the back (how that interferes with sound quality we’ll have to wait and see), but they also do provide you with a second option to insert your own speakers or headphones through a “Line-Out” jack. It’s interestingly USB powered, so you’ll have to plug in a portable charger that houses a Micro-USB cable.

Find out more about the product and their international crowdfunding campaign here.