African disco funk from ’76-’83 compilation to check out!

African Seven are back with their fourth installment of their “African Airways” series, called African Airways Four (Disco Funk Touchdown – 1976 – 1983). This time around all tunes have the disco flavour. Featuring sounds from across the continent, highlights include Manu Dibango’s solar sax and xylophone boogie ‘Sun Explosion’, and The Monstar’s fiercely funky, chant-filled bonanza ‘Funny Saga (No Strings Edit)’.

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Album details:
Releases November 24, 2017

01. Tala AM – Get Up Tchamassi
Written & Produced by A.M. Tala.

02. Eko – Bowa’a Mba Ngèbè
Written by Eko-Roosevelt.

03. Uta Bella – Nassa Nassa
Written by Uta Bella.

04. Charly Kingson – Nimele Bolo
Written by Charly Kingson.

05. Manu Dibango – Sun Explosion
Composed & arranged by Manu Dibango.

06. Kemayo and K-System – Biram
Written, Composed and Arranged by Kemayo.
Vocals by K. System

07. Momo Joseph – Africain
Written & Produced by Momo Joseph. Arranged by Georges Deulemkam.

08. Jake Sollo – Tinini Yanana
Written by Jake Sollo.

09. Pierre Didy Tchakounte – Soul Magabe
Written by Pierre Didy Tchakounte.

10. The Monstars – Funny Saga
Written by The Monstars.

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