An upcoming short series about killer music – literally

Forthcoming on horror streaming service Shudder, Deadwax is a TV show about a vinyl record that kills those who listen to it. Sound familiar? Many have associated it to the horror classic ‘The Ring’, but in a new and wildly different setting. Throw the fuzzy videotapes out the window and bring in the hi-fi system; this series is constructing with the nightmares of audiophiles. The trailer begins with a shot of a vacuum-tube amplifier, and cuts to a scene of a room that would make any music enthusiast jealous. It’s pretty evident that the makers wanted to create something dedicated to digging and listening culture, as the whole premise of the show seems to center around the hunt for the rarest piece of wax. While it may not appear to be particularly terrifying, there are other reasons to check it out. Graham Reznick – the creator of the show, is an established sound designer and employs interesting techniques to create moments of suspense and unease. The use of ‘backmasking’ (where an audio clip is overlaid in reverse on a forward progressing record) is featured heavily, a trope often associated with satanic subliminal messages in music.

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To be premiered at Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas, here’s a short description they’ve issued.
“Peppered with ‘70s giallo-esque music, and splashed with ‘80s-style gore, this highly original series works with as sparse an atmosphere as the songs contained on the deadly platters, Reznick’s background in sound design comes through in his use of eerie tones, electrifying bursts of static, and nightmarish music, each giving life to DEADWAX.”


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