Canblaster delivers soundtrack for dystopian animated film ‘Wild Horses’

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Canblaster delivers soundtrack for dystopian animated film ‘Wild Horses’

How many times have you listened to a track and imagined how it would look like? Canblaster nailed this perfect synchronicity with his soundtrack for animated short film ‘Wild Horses’.

A collaboration between directing duo Kevin Roualland and Maxime Dupuy and electronic music producer Canblaster. The film is set in a dystopian future shown through the persective of a couple. Where ‘Cloudlife’ – the first human digitization centre sparks a battle between the promise of immortal power and emotional sensibilities. Canblaster’s soundtrack will bring you on a journey complimented with breathtaking visuals. Watch the animated short film below.

Music by Canblaster
Written and Directed by Kévin Roualland / Maxime Dupuy
Production: Eddy
Co-Production: Brunch Studio and Savoir Faire
Executive Producer: Nicolas de Rosanbo
Producer: Stella Ramsden

Listen to the soundtrack of ‘Wild Horses’ by Canblaster.