Invada Records Tease Black Mirror San Junipero Score Vinyl Release

You’ll be able to get your hands on the coveted and comforting Black Mirror San Junipero Score on Vinyl very soon

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For die-hard fans of Black Mirror’s San Junipero, arguably the best episode of the Netflix series, you’ll be able to get your hands on the score on vinyl very soon through Invada Records.

In an Instagram post, the vinyl company from UK, who’s published vinyl soundtracks from two volumes of Stranger Things to the 2011 “Drive” film starring Ryan Gosling, left hungry fans at the edges of their seats, promising a huge announcement coming “very soon” with a “reward that is something very beautiful” – with all signs including the photo pointing to a vinyl release for Clint Mansell’s gorgeous and heartbreaking San Junipero score.

Presumably, the black vinyl (swear this time it’s intended, yes*), will feature some stellar retro artwork by Brazilian graphic artist Butcher Billy, a fitting visual for the beloved episode’s time-transcending theme and it’s perfect, abstract 80s – 00s recapture of a world. He also designed the cover for the “Men Against Fire” vinyl soundtrack, the Black Mirror episode just right after that explored futuristic warfare and the human state-of-mind, and provided us with excellent performances from Malachi Kirby and Michael Kelly.

SPOILER ALERT: The San Junipero score will gift you the pleasure of recalling the bliss Yorkie (Mackenzie Davis) and Kelly (Gugu Mbathaw Raw) shared in those scenes; from the comforting, gentle minor notes on “Life Eternal” to the towering delay soaked synths of “Waves Crashing on a Distant Shore”.

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