Kurt Loy: Behind The Playlist with The Macallan #vinyloftheday

Kurt Loy: Behind The Playlist with The Macallan #vinyloftheday

Kurt Loy: Behind The Playlist with The Macallan #vinyloftheday

Music and drinks pretty much go hand in hand for an enjoyable evening. #vinyloftheday founder Kurt Loy speaks about this fun project he did with The Macallan that was birthed out from simple Whatsapp chat:

“In recent years I’ve become a fan of whisky. Call it another life stage or so, but my friends and I enjoy having a glass or two every now and then over some good music and conversation so, you can imagine how stoked I was to hear when some folks at The Macallan were followers of our #vinyloftheday platform.

Conversations started over the love of music and record collecting and when they asked me to put together some playlists inspired by their Macallan 12 expressions I was really happy to do so.

Each expression had a distinct character and it shows in the music selected. I lead a pretty hectic life – so I think the outcome of the playlist included my daily inspirations at home, work and play. We got the crew together to put a short 4 part videos about what went on behind the playlists which you can watch right here.

For the Sherry Oak playlist, I was going for a laid back, downtempo, jazzy vibe playlist which I could listen to while enjoying the classic Macallan character of rich and indulgent dried fruits.

Sherry Oak Playlist:

For the Fine Oak playlist I’m putting up music i grew up with, in particular to the 70s disco, soul, funk music that was intro-ed to me by my parents, while indulging to the complex, lighter expression reminiscent of fruity and spicy taste of the whisky.

Fine Oak Playlist:

And for the Double Cask playlist I felt more upbeat and want music that i can relax and groove to after a hard day at work, while sipping away to the honeyed and rounded flavor whisky. 

Double Cask Playlist:

I ended off the week of putting the playlists together with a little house party.

There are a few simple ingredients that make a home listening session really enjoyable. Good music, good sound, good friends and of course, good drinks.

Big thanks to The Macallan to getting me on board to do this… it was really really enjoyable and I hope you enjoy the playlists!” – Kurt

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