Premiere: Asian Soundwaves mix series by Funk Bast*rd (Darker Than Wax)

Darker Than Wax‘s co-founder, Funk Bast*rd has released a new mixtape, under his “Asian Soundwaves” series, featuring various deeper sounds of Indonesia, Singapore and Taiwan with the occasional dashes of Japanese jazz-funk and edits.

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The 50-minute mixtape features the disco and funk sounds of artists, Judy Teng, Chen Qiao Mei and Shi Lun on the Singaporean label, “Tony”. And also not forgetting their Indonesian counterparts, who also embodied an equally adventurous spirit in re-interpreting their roots. Do make a point to discover Yoel Crizal, Bimbo 80, Ade Manuhutu and Arial Yunior if what you hear in the next 50 mins piques your curiosity. Sit back and enjoy!

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