Anticipated Records of 2017 (Part 2)

Anticipated Records of 2017 (Part 2)

This is part two of the Anticipated Records of 2017 series, where we’ll be talking about a number of records that may or may not be released in this calendar year – and why we’re excited for them. We think there’s still lots of enticing album propositions in 2017 that’ll leave you on the edge of your seat as you guess if and when they’ll drop, so here goes.

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“Yours Conditionally” – Tennis
Release Date: 5 March 2017

Coloradoan wife-husband twee pop duo just last month dropped a scrumptious music video for the lead single “In The Morning I’ll Be Better” From it, I’m kind of getting a similiar vibe from as to when Angel Olsen dropped the Intern ‘music video’ that served its purpose as a scene setter for one of 2016’s standouts “My Woman,” I guess what I’m trying to say is that both of the compare in their ways as nods to dream pop in the 70s and 80s, all with really playful and dreamy visuals. Let’s just hope the upcoming record bears the same quality. (ALSO, great title already)

(Second Full-Length) – Alvvays
Release Date: TBA

Breakout indie-pop act of 2014 charmed us with their tuneful and infectious melodies with their self-titled debut LP back then. Not a lot of news has arisen ever since, but the group from Toronto has steadily built its profile, touring consistently and appearing at major festivals like Coachella and Pickathon. A number of bootlegs have popped up on YouTube, some as far back as 2015 and judging by these tracks, we could be in for another well-written and excellent jangle pop album. This one, entitled “Dreams” – has a pretty damn interesting chorus.

I think I might have leaped out of my swivel chair once I heard his amazing verse on Danny Brown’s “Really Doe” a couple of months back. Lines that were delivered in that signature Earl intonation were truly menacing and really made me miss hearing the Odd Future prodigee spit. “You a mouse that the falcon picked up/ You gon’ keep talkin’ or are we lockin’ it up”

Personally I’m just praying a majority of the upcoming album is produced by Paul White (who produced heavily for Atrocity Exhibition – where that track was fron), and who’s also produced for artists like Charli XCX, Jamie Woon, and actually came out with a collaborative album with Open Mike Eagle a year ago called “Hella Personal Film Festival”.

If this appearance was of any indicator of current form for this precocious rapper, then I (Chris Traeger-ish) “Literally” seriously can’t wait for this Earl Sweatshirt album.

A couple years ago, Rostam and I sat down at his house & talked abt whether our collaboration was dependent on being members of the same band. We both firmly agreed that nope, it was not. In fact, we agreed that our collaboration was more important. I’m psyched about the work we’ve already begun for LP4 and I’m psyched to hear anything else Rostam is a part of. Also very excited to continue playing music with CT and Baio but there will be plenty of time to talk about that later in the year. For now in the Vampire Weekend universe, it’s all about recording the next album. There will be a lot of familiar faces in the studio but also some fresh, new ones. Working title is “Mitsubishi Macchiato”…for obvious reasons. Shout-out to the fans who have been waiting for new music – it’s coming. ?????? Also tomorrow, we gotta talk abt Iowa.

A photo posted by Ezra Koenig (@arze) on

“Mitsubishi Macchiato/ LP4” – Vampire Weekend
 Release Date: TBA

It’s been a year of some uncertainty for the beloved indie-darlings. Last year Rostam left as he felt he needed his “identity as a songwriter and producer to stand on it’s own,’ with Ezra coming out to say that the former Vampire Weekend member would still producing the 4th record.

Drummer of the group Chris Tomson came out with his own solo work as “Dams of The West”, (Bassist Baio did his a year earlier) and Ezra continued with his radio show (Time Crisis) on Apple’s Beats 1 station. However at the time, Koenig expounded on the future of a band in a sentimental but needed update for fans in an Instagram post, saying he’s “psyched for the work they’ve begun on LP4 and is also very excited to (continue) playing music with CT and Baio”

The thing is, that update was 12 months ago… but fans are still hungry for when and if a new VW album arises in 2017.

(Fourth Full-Length LP) – Mac DeMarco
Release date: TBA

(Watch her play ‘Huey Newton’ at David Lynch’s Festival of Disruption in October of last year)

(Fifth Full-Length LP) – St Vincent
Release date: Spring 2017

Multi-instrumentalist and virtuoso Annie Clark has been busy at work recently, playing at David Lynch’s festival, commissioning an official St Vincent Ernie Ball guitar, and even having her directorial debut for the horror anthology film, “XX”, that will make it’s world premiere at Sundance Film Festival in a few days time.

She’s also been teasing her upcoming release that’s said to drop Spring 2017, calling it the “deepest, boldest release she’s ever done,” and even going as far as to promise a “real sea change” with the sound on this record.

“Sincerely, Pollution” – Timber Timbre
Release Date: 7 April 2017

Canadian freak folk and blues outfit have just dropped the lead single from their upcoming sixth full-length LP, entitled “Sewer Blues.” The subtly political track is enigmatic and patient, and offers a grim take on the ‘future of the world,’ one pegged in with an upheaval of sorts, and has some sort of “order of the underground.”

In an interview with NPR, Timber Timbre’s Taylor Kirk had this to say: “I hate to admit that normally I express more sensitivity than concern politically, but I think the tone and result on the record is utter chaos and confusion. When we were recording, the premonition was that the events we saw unfolding were an elaborate hoax. But the mockery made of our power system spawned a lot of dark, dystopic thoughts and ideas. And then it all happened, while everyone was on Instagram. The sewers overflowed.”

(Third Full-Length LP) – Anamanaguchi
Release Date: TBA

I just need another Anamanaguchi record. Please. SEND HELP.


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