Alvvays whets your full-length album appetite with terrific new single ‘Dreams Tonite’

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If your dream pop ear was anywhere close to the ground in the past four years, you would’ve fallen in love with Alvvays’ amazing self-titled debut album, which became an overnight success and cemented their rep as a beloved pop powerhouse, with affection showered from almost every blog in the current new millenia of music journalism.

The record displayed how strength in songwriting could turn a pretty dated genre and concept like simple dream pop into an inspiring and universally beloved modern essential with quite infinite staying power and one of the most straightforwardly enjoyable records of the decade so far.

They’ve followed the self-titled LP up with a strew of prominent festival appearances and tour dates over the past few years, but have been also toiling away on their second new album, which is promising when you look up YouTube cuts of live material that would eventually make it on new record Antisocialites – coming out September 8 via Polyvinyl Records.

The new single, Dreams Tonite, already sounded beautiful in a rough cut at Coachella, but as a studio version is now a pristine and timeless pop-gem of a single. It manages to retain that ethereal, lo-fi quality but never feels cheap, and structurally is a great single with a bursting, magical Alvvays type hook (the likes of which we’ve seen with their earlier stunners like Next of Kin and Adult Diversion) “If I saw you on the street, will I hear you in my dreams tonight?”

Also! You can pre-order the upcoming record (in Dark/Light Blue Starburst or Yellow) on vinyl or as a bundle with their great debut album for a discounted price right here.

Listen to the new single here:

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