Japanese anime movie Akira gets first vinyl reissue since 1988

Geinoh Yamashirogumi’s Symphonic Suite Akira, featuring highlights like “Kaneda’s Theme” and “Tetsuo”, will be out via Milan Records

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It’s been almost 30 years since sensational 1988 anime film Akira hit theatres, but it’s influence has been mega, for great anime movies of the 90s to even hollywood movies of the present – in lighting, animation, story and of course, how to gorgeously soundtrack your perfect abstract film masterpiece of a world.

With the vinyl resurgence just coming up, long-awaited reissues are happening more than ever, and you might finally be available to afford the Akira soundtrack, that’s up for pre-order at $30.98 via Milan Records right now as opposed to a $900 previously on Discogs. The soundtrack was famously composed and recorded before the movie was even created – with the animation studio actually working towards the music when they created the movie, projecting a convulsing, ethereal quality as you experience the movie.

Thankfully enough, Milan Records have said that this will not be a limited edition copy, with “enough records for everyone.”

Remastered with the latest modern technology, the music is pressed on a pair of 180gram vinyl, which is “housed in high quality eurosleeves displaying artwork from the film which are in turn packaged in a gatefold jacket featuring the beautiful skyline of Neo-Tokyo.”

Listen to a highlight of the Akira Soundtrack: “Kaneda’s Theme” here:

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