5 Out-of-this-world Vinyl Records that will Blow Your Mind

5 Out-of-this-world Vinyl Records that will Blow Your Mind

From edible materials to the downright weird, you’ll never look at vinyl records the same again.

1. Chocolate Vinyl
Eat after listening. 

Chocolate records have been around for some time. And yes, you can actually play them.
Photo source: Sick Chipse

According to chocolate record maker Julia Drouhin: “Sometimes the needle goes through in one go … sometimes you can play it 10 times.”

Bumps and accidents are all part of the audio-experience, making interesting and unexpected sounds. Still doubtful? Watch the video below.

2. X Ray Records
Hardcore tracks from the OGs of D.I.Y culture

Also known as bone music, X-ray records are homemade records pressed onto exposed X-Rays.

Photo source: Fast Company

And it dates back all the way to U.S.S.R in the 1950s.

Back then, Western music was banned, causing diehard fans of boogie woogie, jazz and rock ’n’ roll to look for discarded X-Ray sheets to make cheap duplicates of Western records.

3. Blood-filled Vinyl
Because what’s cooler than celebrity blood encased in plexiglass?

Photo source: Pitchfork

In 2012, the Flaming Lips took sampling to a whole new level.

The collaborative record Heady Fwends, is filled with human blood samples of collaborators like Chris Martin, Erykah Badu, Justin Vernon and more.

Only 10 copies are available in the world, and all proceeds went to The Oklahoma Humane Society.

4. Ice records
Listen to the sound of melting glaciers

This super cool (no pun intended) record by Artist Katie Paterson takes water from glaciers and froze them.

                                              Photo source: Katie Paterson

The solid ice surface slowly dissolves into watery rushing sounds when it’s scratched by the needle.

5. Holographic Records
Make our Star Wars childhood dreams a surreal reality 

This Star Wars Holographic record projects 3D holograms of the Millennium Falcon as you listen to the soundtrack of the force awakens.

The best part? It’s only selling for U.S.$50. Pretty reasonable for the experience we think.

Have any cool vinyl records to share? Show us in the comments below!