Third edition of The Analog Assembly to feature its signature vinyl trade fair with thousands of used and new records for sale, and DJ sets by Candy Says and Ramesh Krishnan

After a year-long hiatus, get ready for a day of live DJ sets, high fidelity tunes on wax, and vinyl crate digging through thousands of used and new records, as The Analog Assembly returns for its signature vinyl trade fair and music event at The Intermission Bar, located at the foyer of The Projector at Golden Mile Tower on Saturday, 31st March 2018.

For its third edition, The Analog Assembly has focused on the curation of a highly eclectic line-up of vinyl vendors, made up of ardent analog music aficionados, stalwarts of the Singapore music scene, as well as renowned vinyl record retailers. Individual vendors include music publication journalists, record label owners, established and budding DJs, and esoteric genre record collectors  – each trading a large number of vinyl records across a plethora of genres that reflect their unique personalities. A curated selection of established Singapore vinyl dealers including The Analog Vault, For The Record, Surface Noise, and record label Ujikaji Records, as well as books collector The Arkhivist will also have their collections up for sale.

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The vinyl buy/sell/trade fair, The X∆ (“The X-Change”), will commence at 2 p.m., alongside a three-hour live DJ set Candy Says, formerly a part of local indie collective 4imaginaryboys. The DJ twosome has played for music festivals, clubs and bars, and their often-dusted records cover alternative rock, indie electronica, shoegaze, folk, punk, post-punk, and the occasional Kanye.

Taking over the decks at 5p.m. for a two hour DJ set is Ramesh Krishnan, a connoisseur of quality beats who not only shares his love for music through his own podcast – Meshradio, but who has also earned the reputation as being one of the most respected and multifaceted DJs in Singapore. Having helmed residencies at many major clubs and throwing it down with the best in the world, and armed with a cache of rare tracks and floor fillers, witness him weave seamlessly through genres from jazz and boogie to tech house and even drum and bass with artistic ease.

Event goers will be able to purchase and enjoy craft beers, wine, coffee, and food served at the Intermission Bar.

Event Details:

Date: Saturday, 31st March 2018

Time: From 2pm till 8pm.

Venue: Intermission Bar, The Projector,  Level 5, Golden Mile Tower, 6001 Beach Road, Singapore.

Admission: Free

About The Analog Assembly:

Based in Singapore, the Analog Assembly was established in 2015 as an organizer of pop-up events that aims to champion the analog music culture, and provide forums for the meeting of like-minded analog music aficionados. Through its events, it also aims to provide showcase opportunities for local music and DJ acts, and also targets to act as a platform for the promotion of local vinyl record labels and releases. Features of its events have included vinyl trade fairs, live music performances, and all-vinyl DJ sets.

FB: fb.me/theanalogassembly
Instagram: @analog_assembly

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